Raising a Generation of Marine Stewards

Raising a Generation of Marine Stewards

040116Thank you for taking interest in Anglers For Conservation and our mission statement of “raising a generation of marine stewards.”  Supporting programs that provide basic angling skills and protecting our waterways takes vision, time, and effort from many people.  We have accomplished so much in the past 10 years by working with a shoestring budget and an incredible group of volunteers.

Recently several opportunities to significantly broaden our reach have come into view.   In order to capitalize on these opportunities and the chance to leverage our efforts, organizations willing to offer grants are looking for increased financial stability on our part.

We know that many of you have volunteered and/or attended our events and we appreciate your time.  Would you be willing to help us expand our reach by chipping in $10 or whatever amount works for you?  In other words:  Would you be willing to donate the cost of a lunch for one day?  It takes just a moment using our donate button on the AFC website. Your help will go a long way help us reach our goals. Thank you.

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