Here on this site, we collect both anonymous and personal data. Anonymous being that we have no way to truly identify you with this information unless we really knew you well. We collect data such as your IP address/hostmask, what kind of web browser you use, what kind of resolution you’re viewing the site in, and other technical information so we can better design this site for your technological capabilities. We do this through our server stats, plus none of the information we collect can personally identify you at all.

The personal data we retain is only through methods that you condone or “Opt-in” to. If you fill out a form and submit it to, we retain that information for statistical or contact purposes only. We value your privacy and will never, under any circumstances, give out your personal information, such as age, real name, or email. Your information will not be sold, traded, or given away.

We are not responsible for any personal information you decide to make public through our message board or our chat room services. What you release on those services is of your own responsibility and liability.

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