Meet Board Member – Warren Wnek

Meet Board Member – Warren Wnek

A lifelong resident of Brevard County Warren enjoys the beach and lagoon life to the fullest. Surfing fishing and sailing playing alongside the lagoon is just part of his being. His first efforts in conservation were supporting and obtaining signatures for the net band. He was a contributor for gaining support for the opening of the Brevard Zoo. He went to many public schools supporting Brevard Zoo’s brick program and was active in the community builds for the zoo back in the early 90’s.

Warren is a founding member and past president of Anglers For Conservation, he believes that in order to save our lagoon, we as citizens need to change our attitude towards water and runoff. Working with families introducing them to sustainable angling the wonders of or lagoon is a great way to get them involved. Small actions by many people can have dramatic results. He has “zoned in” on three action items that he believes just about everyone can do:

  1. Create a lagoon friendly living space. Using native plants and rain barrels we can not only reduce the runoff into the lagoon, we can also reduce that amount of nutrients that flow into it.
  2. Be Aware. The issues facing our lagoon are complex, vast, and somewhat regionalized. It takes time to understand the issues, the competing interests, and the politics involved.
  3. Be Active. We can do small things at home but we must also have loud and consistent voice for the protection of the lagoon.

The AFC believes that we as a grass roots organization need to be all inclusive and be willing to work with any group on values we share together. This has allowed us to increase communications between many stakeholders along across the state.

Warren lives in Satellite Beach with his wife, Lori and is blessed to have four sons and two granddaughters. Professionally he has built sales organizations in the insurance and mortgage industries. Currently he is the publisher of the Brevard Blue Turtle News and works for Empire Home Mortgage.

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