Since starting the Hook Kids on Fishing programs, I’ve worked with hundreds of volunteers who donated their time and resources to help teach the fundamentals of fishing to kids and their parents and guardians.

Herb Solinsky, a successful retired insurance agent, was one of our more serious volunteers. Into every detail, Herb would come and set up his casting course prior to each event. Setting up the rod and reels, pacing out the distances to each casting ring and making sure the course was clear of trees or other casting obstacles. The last time Herb volunteered, we had one of those memorable conversations about life and the things that were most important to us. I’ll always remember Herb as someone who loved teaching kids fishing as much as he loved going fishing.

There comes a time in life when one naturally ask what will be my legacy. For most of us, we would be happy to be Herb, recalled for our passion for those things in life that were best for us, and remembered by how we gave back to those things.

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